13 Mar 2018
Parkland Wood Blinds

Custom Parkland Wood Blinds New Jersey

Custom Parkland Wood Blinds

Want to create a warm and inviting home? The Parkland wood blinds can help you adorn your windows with traditional styling and rich hardwood stats. Available in a variety of colors, slat sizes, and styles, these timeless wood blinds can really create a magic. Furthermore, the blinds come with advanced coating for maximum protection and keep your window treatment shining as brand new.

Product Features:

  • Different sizes and configurations to suit unique needs
  • Complete light control and energy-efficiency
  • Advanced finishing technology for maximum protection
  • Cordless system to raise and pull down
  • Wireless operating system for easy operation
  • Enhanced safety features for young children and pets
  • Standard cord lock for a cleaner appearance
  • Resist fading and moisture to enhance product lifespan

What do we Offer?

We at Window Horizons offer complete ranges of paint and wood colors when it comes to Parkland wood blinds, with the variations in grain and texture. We are the authorized dealer of Hunter Douglas, the most popular name in the window treatment industry where these blinds are constructed from the finest hardwoods. These blinds are designed from hardwood harvested from managed forest sources and come with Hunter Douglas lifetime limited warranty.

Window Horizons offer NYC professional window treatments and our certified and trained installer ensure a professional service from start to finish. An accurate measurement is taken by our staff in order to provide you with the best finish. To make your experience even better, we provide Shop At Home service so that you can choose your favorite colors and styles from the comfort of your home.

Our aim is to improve indoor environmental quality by providing energy-efficient and safe window treatments. We work with a vision to provide you with high-quality and affordable blinds, shades, and drapes made of different materials and styles.

Our experienced and friendly design consultants are always available to help you find the right window treatment

24 Feb 2018
Crosswinds® wood vertical blinds

Crosswinds Wood Vertical Blinds New Jersey

Crosswinds® wood vertical blinds

Give Your Windows Both Beauty & Functionality!

If you’re looking for the perfect companion for your windows, crosswinds wood vertical blinds can offer both beauty and functionality. These blinds combine the warmth and richness of genuine hardwood with modern ingenuity. Constructed from 100% Basswood and finger-jointed for added strength and durability. The TopShield finish offers ultimate protection for your wood blind and the clear topcoat is applied to every vane and valance. It makes the blind smooth and easy to clean.

Product Features:

  • Constructed from 100% Basswood
  • Finger-jointed for more durability
  • Perfect for a room with a combination of windows and doors
  • Offer beauty and functionality that fits any room décor
  • The warmth of both hardwood and modern design
  • Provide great UV protection
  • Advanced TopShield finish providing protection to the wood
  • Resistant to fading and moisture
  • Chain and cord operation standard
  • Enhanced safety options
  • An array of color coordinates available

In simple words, the crosswinds wood vertical blinds are full of features which make them worth investing.

What do we Offer?

We at Window Horizons have been providing services in the City from more than 20 years as New York window treatment services specialists. We are the authorized dealer of Hunter Douglas window shades and blinds and all our products are backed by limited lifetime warranty and an exclusive satisfaction guarantee. Each style is custom made using different colors and styles because we are committed to providing you with the best value for your money.

Window Horizons is a leading NYC window treatment company offering its customers a smooth, trouble-free operation with high-quality shades and blinds. We sell and install all types of custom window coverings and accessories after taking proper measurements. Our trained and certified professionals ensure a professional look to any of your window covering needs.

Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality at the best price!

24 Feb 2018

Cadence® Soft Vertical Blinds

Enjoy Ideal Styling and Translucency!

Let the originality and beauty of Cadence soft vertical blinds complement your home décor and make everything look aesthetically pleasing. These blinds feature patented curved vanes, mimicking soft drapery folds that move smoothly and quietly. It makes them an ideal option for elegant styling and translucency. The beautiful styles combine a unique, soft fabric design with fashion-forward patterns.

Product Details:

  • Vertical Orientation
  • Patented curved vanes’
  • Soft drapery folds
  • Excellent sound absorption
  • Contoured headrail
  • Chain and cord operation
  • No looped pull cords
  • Combination of wand and cord control
  • Available in specialty shapes

What do we Offer?

When we talk window treatments, Hunter Douglas is a name that can never be forgotten and we at Window Horizons are the authorized dealer of the company. The outstanding characteristics of these vertical blind by Hunter Douglas work together to create seamless elegance and when combined with your home décor, the result is just fabulous. Best of all, the blinds come with lifetime limited warranty so that you get the full value of your money.

Window Horizons offer New York window treatment services and is dedicated to providing a new charm, personality, and functionality to your windows. Whether you’re looking for a traditional blind or modern design, we’re sure to have what you’re looking for. Once you’ve made your decision, our staff will provide you with ‘Shop At Home’ experience. The will inspect, measure, and install the blinds in a manner that would work best with your décor and lifestyle.

At Window Horizons, be sure of getting the highest quality products that are proven to provide energy efficiency, light control, and privacy through diverse shades and blinds.

If you have any queries or need help deciding what window treatment may work best, feel free to contact us

24 Feb 2018

Custom Vertical Window Blind Solutions®

Invest In A Perfect Top-to-Bottom Window Treatment!

Are you looking for a versatile and stylish window treatment? Take a look at custom vertical window blinds that can be personalized to give your home a look that you’ve always wanted. Whatever your personal style, these moisture-resistant blinds will not only dress your windows but enhance the room décor in a unique way. With quality and durability built in to last for years, these versatile blinds will be the perfect fit for your windows.

Product Features:      

  • Vertical orientation
  • Moisture resistant
  • Self-adjusting all metal headrail
  • Easy to clean and maintain fabric
  • Complete light control, privacy, and safety
  • Controlled operation
  • Energy efficient

Being easy to clean and fully-functional blinds, the custom vertical window blinds are a durable window treatment option for the bedroom. When closed, the blinds offer optimum security and privacy and when drawn, they offer a total view of the outdoors. Use them on large windows for maximum privacy and control the light. Best of all, you can also add dimension to your home or office environment.

What do we Offer?

If you want to make your space appear more polished, choose Hunter Douglas custom vertical window blinds. We at Windows Horizons are an authorized dealer of the company and provide the best window treatments that will provide insulation and light control while making your space look amazingly beautiful. For wide window expanses and sliding glass doors, a wide variety of styles and colors are available.

Window Horizons is a premier NYC window treatment company offering you the best of vertical blinds that are an ideal choice for living rooms and bedrooms with large windows, single glass doors and sliding doors. In order to make the entire process an enjoyable task for you, our staff will measure, and install the blinds in your home.

We’re dedicated to providing you with innovative and affordable window treatments and you can contact us anytime for detailed information

24 Feb 2018

Somner® Custom Vertical Blinds

Make Your Windows Look Prettier than Ever!

If you are looking for custom vertical blinds to fit both your style and budget, Somner custom vertical blinds can be your perfect choice. Available in an array of colors, treatments, and textures, these vertical blinds can be a perfect choice for your windows. From smooth metal finishes to the geometric pattern in vinyl or aluminum fabric, the blinds are designed to make your rooms look great and feel awesome.

Product Features:

  • Vertical orientation
  • Precise light control
  • Smooth metal finish / geometric pattern
  • Compatible with sliding glass doors or bay windows
  • Chain and cord for smooth operation
  • Vertical motorized system
  • Combination of wand and cord control
  • Ideal for arches and angles

Why Choose Us?

What makes these blinds a perfect solution – fashion-forward patterns and colors, provides UV protection, modern look, and treated with a proprietary process to repel dust and soil. An array of design option and operating systems are available. Explore a wide selection of window coverings and select the perfect treatment that best complements your home’s décor whether it is traditional or contemporary.

We at Windows Horizons exclusively carry Hunter Douglas Somner custom vertical blinds and also offer the limited lifetime warranty. Being a leading NYC window treatment company, our services include measure and installation to ensure your new window blinds are installed perfectly.  In order to provide complete work satisfaction and value of your money, an accurate measurement is taken by our staff. Our team will also show you samples so that you can enjoy our ‘Shop At Home’ experience.

With so many choices, you can easily find a product to complement any décor. For help choosing the perfect Somner custom vertical blinds, get a free design consultation. Our professionals will help you choose the best windows for your windows and lifestyle. Contact us to save your time and money

24 Feb 2018

Luminette® Privacy Sheers

Create a Bold and Beautiful Statement With Window Sheers!

Looking for a perfect combination of sheers and soft draperies? Check out the Alustra Luminette custom privacy window sheers that are designed with the translucent fabric facings and vanes to create an infinite amount of light control. The vertical fabric vanes rotate 180 degrees to provide an outstanding light control and privacy options. The sunlight is diffused through the sheer and spread evenly throughout your room which reduces the need for artificial lights and thus reducing your energy bills.

Product Features:

  • Translucent fabric facings and vanes
  • Excellent light protection
  • Minimize UV rays
  • No visible cords or metals
  • Curved and timeless vertical coverings
  • Maintain privacy and provide safety

What do we Offer?

If you want a soft and flattering light to filter through windows, while still maintaining the privacy, we at Windows Horizons stocks the best Hunter Douglas collection. As we are an authorized dealer of Hunter Douglas window treatments, our shades and blinds come with lifetime limited warranties. As far as the quality is concerned, the Hunter Douglas shades and blinds are known to provide energy-efficient, light control, and privacy through diverse products. The vanes can be drawn open like curtains with the help of a cord loop or rotated like blinds with a simple twist. Isn’t it fun?

Window Horizons is one of the leading companies offering New York window treatment services and a complimentary ‘Shop At Home’ experienced. It means you can simply check out the samples without leaving the comfort of your home. Our highly trained and experienced staff will come to you to help you choose the best privacy window sheers that will match your needs and budget.

Once you’ve selected your privacy window sheers, get it installed by our experienced installer who will come to you and furnish your home with the new window covering. For more information, contact us anytime and we would love to help you