23 Jul 2018

Faux wood Alternative Wood Blinds

Give Your Windows the Most Luxurious Look!

Want to give your windows the most luxurious look? The EverWood window treatments offer the rich look of wood blind and ideal for areas with extreme temperatures, high humidity, and direct sunlight. Available in a wide variety of colors, finishes, textures, and customization options, these blinds can be an outstanding companion of your windows.

Product Features:

  • A classic look that doesn’t age
  • An array of colors, finishes, and upgrades
  • Resistance to fading, discoloration, and warping
  • Customization available from the comfort of home
  • Reduces light leaks and increases privacy
  • Withstand extreme temperatures without losing shape
  • Exclusive design and craftsmanship
  • Corded as well as cordless operating systems
  • Enhanced safety for children and pets

What do we Offer?

We at Window Horizons are the authorized dealers of Hunter Douglas window treatments and therefore all of the products come with limited lifetime warranty. Being a leading NYC window treatment company, we are committed to providing the best solutions at the best price. Our EverWood window treatments collection comes in many different sizes and configurations to suit unique window shapes.
We bring the showroom to you with our ‘Shop At Home’ experience so that we can guide you to pick the most suitable window treatment for your needs and budget. Furthermore, our full-service, highly-trained professionals will accurately measure and install the EverWood blinds to ensure your new window treatments are a perfect fit.
At Window Horizons, we offer many versatile and durable window treatment options to help you cover even your uncommonly shaped windows. Also, we have a solution for your bay and corner windows. We ensure to provide you with the most appropriate window solutions as well as repair instructions so that you get what you need.
For expert guidance and more information about the EverWood window treatments, feel free to contact us anytime…

13 Mar 2018
Blackout shades

Blackout shades

Custom Blackout shades

Enjoy A Peaceful Uninterrupted Sleep With Custom Blackout Shades!

Quality sleep is what you deserve in today’s hectic life. A good sleep is also imperative for your health, productivity and most importantly your happiness. The interrupted sleep we experience are due to the daylight but blackout window shades can help you effectively block light even during the middle of the day and take a wonderful nap. There are also many other benefits to having blackout blinds such as:

  • Prevent children from waking up in the early hours of the morning
  • Offers a sound sleep in the daytime to adults who have difficulty sleeping at night
  • Great solution for people on night shifts who need to sleep in the day
  • Prevent extremely bright lights outside the windows
  • Block out the light completely for projection
  • Offer privacy as the thicker material prevents from being seen by anyone on the outside
  • Reduce the amount of noise that may enter through the window
  • Keep the rooms cool as no bright light enters which further help in reducing energy bills
  • An array of styles, sizes, patterns, and color options are available to suit the current room decor

Looking for the best Custom blackout window shades for room darkening? Go nowhere as All Hunter Douglas blackout window shades and blinds not only offer the best room darkening but also come with lifetime warranties. Proven to provide energy efficiency, light control, and privacy, our best window treatments will fulfill all your blackout needs. If you prefer the minimal look and easier-to-clean material, this can be your perfect solution and it also comes in an extensive array of sizes and colors.

Made your mind? If yes, the blackout window shades can be professionally installed by Window Horizons Corp, the leading NYC window treatment company. You can also check out the samples provided by our team through our complimentary Shop at Home experience. We’ve been a trusted window treatment company in New York City, Riverdale, Westchester, and New Jersey for more than 20 years. Also, we are an authorized dealer of Hunter Douglas so you can shop with confidence.

If you’d like further information, feel free to contact us as we’re always ready to help you find the perfect window treatment product


13 Mar 2018

Custom Honeycomb Shades

Dress Up Your Windows the Most Natural Way!

If you are looking for something that can dress up your windows the most natural way, the Honeycomb cellular shades can be your perfect choice. These original cellular shades are designed to provide good light control, privacy, and energy efficiency in both cold and warm climates. The honeycomb construction allows the shades to trap air in distinct pockets that can help you maintain a consistent temperature and save on energy bills. 

Product Details:

  • Natural Honeycomb design
  • Traps air in distinct pockets for better insulation
  • Expansive range of pleat sizes, colors, and fabrics
  • Innovative operating system for easy operation
  • Compatible with specialty window shapes
  • Maximum energy efficiency, light control, and privacy
  • Custom-crafted for the highest level of quality
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation
  • A wireless operating system to control and schedule via mobile device

What do we Offer?

As we are the authorized dealer of Hunter Douglas window treatments, we provide the best of products that come with lifetime limited warranty. The entire collection is created with design-inspired fabrics, textures, colors, and hardware finishes. Being one of the leading NYC window treatment companies, we provide cellular shades that are designed to keep air from either entering or escaping your home.

The Window Horizons staff will give you the opportunity to explore a wide selection of Honeycomb cellular shades through ‘Shop At Home’ experience. Once you have selected the perfect window treatments for your window, everything will be accurately measured to present you with an amazing final result. A certified and experienced professional will take care of everything, from measurement and installation to delivery…

Honeycomb cellular shades are an ideal solution for homes with wide and large windows and we can provide you with the opportunity to explore the entire variety from the comfort of your home. We can measure, install, and deliver your window treatment on time so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the view.

For more details, feel free to contact us

13 Mar 2018
Parkland Wood Blinds

Custom Parkland Wood Blinds New Jersey

Custom Parkland Wood Blinds

Want to create a warm and inviting home? The Parkland wood blinds can help you adorn your windows with traditional styling and rich hardwood stats. Available in a variety of colors, slat sizes, and styles, these timeless wood blinds can really create a magic. Furthermore, the blinds come with advanced coating for maximum protection and keep your window treatment shining as brand new.

Product Features:

  • Different sizes and configurations to suit unique needs
  • Complete light control and energy-efficiency
  • Advanced finishing technology for maximum protection
  • Cordless system to raise and pull down
  • Wireless operating system for easy operation
  • Enhanced safety features for young children and pets
  • Standard cord lock for a cleaner appearance
  • Resist fading and moisture to enhance product lifespan

What do we Offer?

We at Window Horizons offer complete ranges of paint and wood colors when it comes to Parkland wood blinds, with the variations in grain and texture. We are the authorized dealer of Hunter Douglas, the most popular name in the window treatment industry where these blinds are constructed from the finest hardwoods. These blinds are designed from hardwood harvested from managed forest sources and come with Hunter Douglas lifetime limited warranty.

Window Horizons offer NYC professional window treatments and our certified and trained installer ensure a professional service from start to finish. An accurate measurement is taken by our staff in order to provide you with the best finish. To make your experience even better, we provide Shop At Home service so that you can choose your favorite colors and styles from the comfort of your home.

Our aim is to improve indoor environmental quality by providing energy-efficient and safe window treatments. We work with a vision to provide you with high-quality and affordable blinds, shades, and drapes made of different materials and styles.

Our experienced and friendly design consultants are always available to help you find the right window treatment

24 Feb 2018

Custom Solar Shades NYC

Give Your Windows A Designer Look!

Want to give your windows a designer treatment? Take a look at Solar shades that combine the ease and simplicity of a roller shade with hundreds of fabric choices. From sheers to opaque, patterns to textures, you will find a huge variety to suit any room décor. The shades are known for a clean appearance, versatility, style, and modern hardware. The Custom Clutch operating system features modern hardware with precision-tuned lift technology.

Product Details:

  • Horizontal orientation
  • Designed to fit in a minimalist space
  • An Array of top and bottom treatments
  • Custom Clutch operating system
  • Smooth operation and ease of lifting
  • Motorization control for easy operation
  • Wireless operating system for the full power of control
  • Single retractable cord
  • A battery-powered system with wand-controlled operation
  • Compatible with bay, corner, and bow windows

What do we Offer?

When we talk about designer roller shades, a name comes to our mind – Hunter Douglas as the company offers a huge range of window treatments. We at Window Horizons are the authorized dealers of Hunter Douglas and provide you with just the best products that come with lifetime limited warranty. Each designer shade you buy from us is engineered to deliver minimal light gap, smooth operation, and maximum privacy.

Being a leading NYC Custom window treatment company, we offer you the opportunity to choose from an extensive collection of fashion-forward fabrics, colors, and textures without leaving the comfort of your home with our ‘Shop At Home’ service. We not only provide you with expert guidance but also in-house services like measurements of your windows and complete installation.

When you work with us, you can expect proper home consultation, seamless installation, and outstanding craftsmanship. We will provide you with professional assistance right from the start to finish. However, if you want to know more about us and our products, you can contact us anytime

24 Feb 2018

Provenance® Woven Wood Drapery

Add a Warm, Rich Dimension to Any room!

A lot of people prefer natural hues when it comes to window treatments and woven wood vertical drapery can be an excellent choice. The window shades are created from natural woods, reeds, bamboo, and grasses to add a natural appeal to your rooms. The shades not only add a warm, rich dimension to any room but will also age beautifully just like any other living thing. Perfect for a wide expanse of windows or patio doors, the drapery is available in different styles and textures.

Product Details:

  • Crafted from natural materials
  • Organic filtering style
  • Light-filtering and room-darkening opacities
  • Innovative operating systems
  • Motorization and wireless system
  • Decorative options available
  • Customizable
  • Horizontal or vertical orientation

Our Offerings

When it comes to woven wood vertical drapery, we at Window Horizons offer the best possible solution for your windows. As we are the authorized dealer Hunter Douglas, you can expect quality and customer satisfaction along with limited lifetime warranty on all shades and blinds. We provide the best window treatments in NYC and each bamboo drapery is custom made to fit your unique needs and style.

If you are still confused, opt for our ‘Shop At Home’ service and experience a wonderful journey of choosing the best window treatment right from the comfort of your couch. All of our shades are designed and custom-crafted with the highest level of quality and we work hard to make you comfortable with everything right from the measurements to installations. Once you have selected the drapery, sit back and relax as our staff is there to do the needful.

Being one of the leading window treatment companies in NYC, we strive to provide the best selection that comes in a variety of colors and opacities.

If you have further questions and want to dive deep into the product, contact us and talk to our experts

24 Feb 2018
Duette Vertiglide honeycomb shades

Duette Vertiglide® honeycomb shades

The original single- and double-honeycomb Duette®shades come in multiple cell sizes, a horizontal or Vertiglide vertical orientation, and a range of light-control options from sheer to opaque.

All Hunter Douglas shades and blinds are quality products with lifetime warranties.  Hunter Douglas window treatments also provide energy efficiency, light control and privacy through our diverse shade and blind products. Our team will show you the samples through our complimentary Shop At Home experience.  We will match your needs to the perfect window treatment product.


24 Feb 2018
Vignette Modern Roman Shades

Vignette® Modern Roman Shades

Let Your Décor take the Centre Stage!

Beautifully designed front and back with no exposed rear cords is what you get with Vignette Modern Roman Shades. The perfect Roman shade has a uniform and flat-fabric folds and a great choice for creating a flawless modern shade. The sleek and elegant shades offer a classic yet modern look for windows while keeping them uncluttered. Choose from different styles and widths, or designer fabrics.

Product Features:

  • Light-filtering and room-darkening opacities
  • No exposed rear cords
  • Rolling style
  • Stacking style
  • Vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Wireless operating system
  • Cordless system

As both the rolls are on a single roller, everything is at the convenience of your fingertips. Traditional to contemporary, the shades are available in many fabrics and colors to add beauty to any room. Also, these shades are beautiful yet extremely practical and available in two styles – the Rolling Style and the Stacking Style.

What do we Offer?

Well when talking about Vignette modern Roman shades for your windows, we deal with the best dealers like Hunter Douglas. The shades and blinders offered by them come with lifetime warranties and designed to provide you with maximum energy efficiency and privacy. All Vignette Roman shades maintain a full or flat fold appearance with minimal fabric dressing while using which saves you a lot of effort and provide improved window aesthetics.

Window Horizons Corp is one of the leading companies offering NYC professional window treatments. We have an experienced staff of decorators and installers ready to help you with your Vignette modern Roman shades and home décor needs. You can get the entire treatment done by us as we are the authorized dealer of Hunter Douglas, a company that is known to provide high-quality products.

As we are committed to providing the best service to our customers, we show them samples through our complementary ‘Shop At Home’ experience. So, you get what you actually want, means the perfect window treatment for your home.

24 Feb 2018


Pirouette ™ window shadings

Have Full Control On Light With Pirouette Window Shadings!

Seeking an aesthetically beautiful yet practical window treatment for your home? Check out the Pirouette window shadings that are known for unique design and soft horizontal fabric vanes attached to a single sheer backing. The backing allows an enhanced view to the outside world while keeping a soft appearance to the inside. The sheer fabric back panel also transforms the sunlight into a warm glow and filters out UV rays. These window shadings feature softly contoured fabric vanes that open and close to provide a perfect filtration of light and privacy.

Product Features:

  • Unique design and horizontal fabric
  • Enhanced outside view
  • UV rays protection by sunlight filtration
  • Three-dimensional construction
  • Invisi-lift system allows the vanes to float
  • Motorized operating system
  • Compatible with Smart Homes
  • Complete control on light, outside view, and privacy
  • Customizable

Our Offerings:

Pirouette window shadings are designed and customized at Hunter Douglas and come with lifetime warranties. These revolutionary window shadings combine the elegance and characteristics of a classic fabric shade and sheers. With Pirouette window treatment you can give your home décor the most sophisticated look and feel. We can help you bring the best artistry to your windows and enjoy the best interior and exterior appearance.

If you’re looking for best window treatments, we at Window Horizons provide the most energy-efficient and high-quality shades and blinds being the authorized dealer of Hunter Douglas. We have been a premier NYC window treatment company and known to provide the most cost-effective window treatments. Windows are measured accurately by our professionals to provide you with the best outcome.

Want to know more about this bold and modern window treatment? Contact us and get assisted by the most experienced professionals.

24 Feb 2018

Silhouette/Nantucket™ window shadings

Transform the Harsh Sunlight into Gentle!

When you are seeking for a window treatment that can transform the harsh sunlight into gentle, there’s nothing like Custom Silhouette window shades. These shades have the ability to allow you to create an appropriate atmosphere in your home while maintaining indoor privacy and outside views. The shadings, when raised, disappear into the headrail for an uncluttered look and available in an array of fabrics.

Product Details:

  • Horizontal orientation
  • Light diffusion with specially crafted fabrics
  • No cords or tapes that allow clear view and maintain privacy
  • Adjustable S-shaped vanes
  • Protect room from harmful UV-rays
  • ClearView shadings provide superior view-through
  • Custom-crafted to suit any room décor
  • Wireless operating system easy operation
  • A single retractable cord with no long dangling cords
  • A battery-powered system with controlled operation
  • Compatible with different arches and sizes

What do we Offer?

The Silhouette window shades are an engineering triumph by Hunter Douglas and we at Window Horizons are the authorized dealer of the company. The shades come with lifetime limited warranty so that you can enjoy the beauty of your window treatment for years to come. With motorized operating systems, you can schedule your shades to move throughout the day just with a touch of a button.

Window Horizons has been serving the customers looking for best window treatments for over 20 years. Everything in our products says sophistication, classic designs, and highest quality because we want to give you the best. Together with our local experts and ‘Shop At Home’, you can find the inspiration for your room and know more about the products you like. Also, we will measure your dimensions and make installations with care and attention to details.

With us, you just have to relax knowing you are covered under our exclusive customer satisfaction guarantee. To know more about the Silhouette window shades and home consultation, feel free to contact us