How Can You Benefit from Custom Window Solar Shades in Upper West Side


Living in and around New York City means plenty of sunshine during the hot season, a factor that not everyone considers an advantage. If this is a drawback for you, widow solar shades can help keep your rooms and patios fresh and comfortable. Not only do the window solar shades add a clean and sleek look to your windows, but they also offer easy operation and effortless maintenance.

If you live on the Upper West Side, custom window solar shades are an excellent choice that offers complete customization to match the beautiful interior of your home. At Window Horizon we offer unmatched expertise ensuring the most precise measurements that lead to custom shades that seamlessly seal the edges of your windows, offering minimal gaps and allowing greater control over the amount of light that enters your home. The window solar shades operate on a convenient roller headrail with motorized and cordless mechanism for optimal child safety, allowing for effortless access to shade whenever you need it.

Why Custom Window Solar Shades Are Worth the Investment


You may be asking yourself whether you should invest in custom window shades? The simple answer is YES but don’t just go with the words, check out some practical reasons before making any decisions…


Ideal Fit


Custom-made window shades ensure that the fit is true to the dimensions of your windows and blends seamlessly with your home’s interiors. Such an ideal fit may not be possible with general store-bought window solutions that are made to service standardized dimensions and do not provide the most efficient light-control.


Best Value for Money


Custom window treatments allow you to match the fabric and pattern to other pieces in your house, creating harmony in your home aesthetic. We offer hundreds of different patterns, fabrics, and colors allowing you to find the perfect match for your home while retaining an economic advantage over alternative shades and blinds.


You Get Expert Advice


If you’re unsure on what type of window treatment is best for your home, working with Window Horizon allows your access to expert advice. A custom window treatment is an experience that goes beyond simple shopping for window shades. Working with a custom window shade expert gives you a well-informed experience achieving the highest quality for your home.


More Energy Savings


One of the many reasons our customers chose custom-made shades are the potential energy savings resulting from the myriad of coverage options. To achieve the greatest savings on your energy bill, we offer window solar shades with high opacity that ensure that your home will remain cool.


Enhanced Aesthetic Appeal


Gaps left by store-bought window treatments with standardized dimensions not only allow harmful UV rays to enter your home, but also look untidy. Tailor-made window solutions will not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of your house but also add to its value.


Window Treatment with Extra Advantages


Custom window solar shades are window treatments with countless advantages such as glare reduction, inexpensive up-front costs, and a variety of personalized color options to coordinate with your existing décor. Additionally, custom window treatments create a longer life span of your furniture, limiting its exposure to harmful sunrays.


Another frequent example of the advantages of customer window treatments is the flexibility of options. In the master bedroom and nursery, many of our clients prefer the convenience of both, the black-out shades for undisturbed night sleep and an additional layer of solar shades for optimal daytime enjoyment.


The Final Verdict


At the time of the year when temperatures are continuously increasing, you need a window treatment that can keep your home cool while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal. Addressing the main path through which sunlight enters, custom window shades can be an excellent solution.

Modern technology and the latest advancements have made it possible to protect your home from harmful UV sunrays without compromising your preferences. Custom window shades allow you to protect your privacy with custom weave and opening scale, while still enjoying the view outside. The custom-fabricated shades not only absorb the sunbeams but also dress up your windows beautifully.

Do you want to switch to solar shades? We at Window Horizons Corp offer a great experience and are always at your doorstep whenever you want to get started with your home improvement.


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