Why Blackout Window Shades in New York City?


Even though you may live in the city that never sleeps, everyone needs to sleep! With the combination of sunlight, automobiles, and harsh LED streetlights, constant light exposure is inevitable in the city; making it difficult for people to sleep.

There’s a wide array of window treatment SKUs available in the market, but one of the most dynamic window treatment options popular amongst New York City residents are blackout window shades.

Why Choose Blackout Window Shades?


1. It Can Improve Your Sleep: External lighting can be intrusive is one of the biggest hinderance of sleep. Poor sleep can ultimately impede on your day-to-day productivity and is even linked to numerous health issues. Blackout shades effectively block any external light that may interfere with your sleep. Room darkening shades or blinds are your solution!


2. Boost Privacy: Blackout window shades is proven to be one of the best window treatment options for increased privacy.

Blackout window shades in Manhattan can prove to be the best option that can increase your home privacy by making it more sealed which prevents the entrance of light and air. Black out shades or blinds are an effective solution for bedrooms, bathrooms and even kitchens or living rooms if you are light sensitive.


3. Easy to Clean and Maintain: Cleaning and dusting are some of the most time-consuming tasks in household chores. Blackout shades can be cleaned quickly and efficiently with a damp cloth or a vacuum cleaner.


4. You can Save on your Energy Bill : Besides controlling the light, blackout window treatments does wonders in saving energy bills, as the heat gets trapped with the help of this type of shade. You can save money during winters as the heating bills increase during that period. Black out shades could also be soundproof, energy efficient and UV protective in all seasons.


5. It Protect Your Furniture from Fading: There is a lot of furniture that gets faded, especially fabrics that are kept near to the large window as the sunlight fades the colour and shine of home furniture and carpets. Room darkening shades can be the solution to prevent furniture from damage.


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